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Prepare to Defend Yourself in Any Situation

Go beyond Traditional Martial Arts and Learn Practical Self-Defense While Getting in Amazing Shape

Krav Maga & Kickboxing is the fighting method taught to men and women in the Israeli Defense Force, and it has been adopted by law enforcement and special forces around the world. It teaches students how to fight in real-world situations so that they’re never caught unprepared.


Welcome to Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the fastest growing martial art for adults and combines real, practical self-defense with full-body conditioning to give you the best, most interesting workout you’ve ever experienced.


With 360 Defense Krav Maga & Kickboxing you get:

  • 360 Defense Krav Maga. As one of the hottest adult martial arts out there, Krav Maga is a modern-day system taken directly from the Israeli military. Krav Maga is not a "martial art"... It is a no-nonsense, no-frills approach to self-defense. Krav Maga self-defense is easy for beginners to learn, and uses the body's natural reactions to set up realistic and devastating fighting techniques. If you missed it, Krav Maga was recently featured on the History Channel's 'Human Weapon' series, and 'Fight Quest' on Discovery. Just do a search on youtube for it. It's easy, fun, and IT WORKS.

  • Kickboxing. This IS NOT CARDIO KICKBOXING!  No tights, no aerobics, no bad 135bpm workout music. You will learn the proper techniques for kicking, punching, knees, and elbows, while blasting pads and targets for an incredible, calorie-burning workout.  With 360 Defense, you get the best of kickboxing without getting in the ring.  

  • An Effective, Full-Body Workout that will leave you feeling accomplished, after every class. 360 Defense improves flexibility, tone, endurance, and energy, and burns up to 900 calories per hour. It's not uncommon for students to lose 10lbs. in their first month. Some have lost as much as 50lbs in under six months.

  • Proven Self-Defense Principles designed to keep you safe. With 360 Defense Martial Arts, our Krav Maga system is continually improved so you're always getting the latest in martial arts tactics and development.

  • The Motivation of a structured system to keep you seeing progress. This is where other exercise systems may have failed you. At 360 Defense, you have someone helping you, guiding you, and the support of other students just like you. In short, accountability. We help to build you from within, to create self-discipline so strong you won't need anyone else to push you.

  • A Friendly, Safe Workout Environment. We have great people training here at 360 Defense, and a safe facility to keep you in 'fighting shape.' Our students are comprised of Doctors, Police Officers, Nurses, Coast Guard and Navy personnel, Engineers, and all sorts of professionals.

  • The Attention of Full-time, Professional Instructors. This is important - at 360 Defense Martial Arts, teaching is our only job. Our instructors are not distracted by dayjobs - this means better quality instruction for you.

  • A Fun Activity for YOU. It's time you can take for yourself, to vent frustrations and feel great, every week. You get to hit stuff HARD in this class. It's difficult NOT to feel better afterward.

  • A Way To Meet New Friends. You'll surround yourself with motivated, like-minded people that will push you to try your best.

  • Improved Energy. Working out keeps your body and mind balanced and gives you more energy at work and home. Would increased energy help you get more done?

  • Goals, Short and Long-Term, with an emphasis placed on personal achievement. If you aren't a goal-oriented person, would it help you to become one? Martial Arts is one of the best ways to learn the habit of Setting Goals.

  • ... less of a waistline.

Please Note: We are only accepting a limited number of new members. Click below to have an instructor contact you and secure a spot. 
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