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Fitness Kickboxing is here!!!

You've made the decision already... it's time to get in shape!


All the other things you've tried are boring and hard to stick with.  We hear it all the time.

With 360 Fitness Kickboxing, it's nearly impossible to get bored.  Our specifically designed 30 minute in-and-out workout is a combination of the punches, kicks, knees, and elbows of kickboxing with cutting-edge bodyweight exercise and is truly a full-body workout.

In every 30-minute class, you'll be:

  • Addressing all areas of your body, toning legs, abs, and arms.

  • Learning actual kickboxing techniques (hard to get bored when you're learning!)

  • Hitting a Wavemaster (free-standing heavy bag) as hard as you want.  Talk about stress relief!

  • Learning from an actual kickboxing instructor, not just an aerobics person throwing kicks.

  • Working out in a supportive, judgement free atmosphere.

There are no contracts and it is only $125/month!


Frequently Asked Questions:


I've never kickboxed before.  Do I need experience?

No!  You can start from scratch and fit right in while learning gradually.  Everyone starts somewhere!

I'm not in good shape right now.  Do I need to get in shape before starting 360 Fitness Kickboxing?
Not at all, you can start 360 Fitness Kickboxing in any condition (consult your doctor if you're really concerned) and go at your own pace.  

Will I have to spar?
No, this class is 100% fitness.  No contact of any kind.

Is this a self-defense class?
No, the focus of this class is cardio fitness and toning.  If you're interested in self-defense, check out our Krav Maga classes.

Is it coed?

Are there belts and uniforms?


The all new Cardio Kickboxing at 360 Defense is unlike any kickboxing class I have taken before. It is a total body workout that keeps you moving from the moment you step on the mat to the moment you step off.

​I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a different type of workout that incorporates strengthening, cardio and fun! 

​- Lisa M

A non-stop 30 minute power work out that left me hurting in places I didn't even know could hurt for days. It was a fun, intense, blood pumping adrenaline rush and I loved every second. While the class is go your own pace everyone is so high energy that you can't help but keep up, highly recommended!

- Sam C

Jam packed fun!! This class is super efficient as well as effective! Challenges strength, speed, endurance and stamina. This class is a total blast for anyone at any level!!

​- Heidi R

I am not an athletic person and I found the class to be a great workout and easy to follow....

It was intense, it was empowering, it was great! I would take it as many times as I could!

- Magda F

Fitness Kickboxing Schedule

Monday - 8:45am

Tuesday - 6:15pm

Wednesday - 10:30am

Thursday - 6:15pm

Friday - 5:30pm

Saturday - 10:15am

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