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Give Your Child the Lasting Gifts of Success, Confidence, Discipline, and Self-Defense

...While They Have a BLAST!

Our children's classes provide the exercise and self-defense of kickboxing and the mental discipline of karate - the focus, respect, and self-control that parents are looking for.  In fact, every class is a lesson on the character qualities of a Black Belt: goal-setting, conflict resolution, anger management, and more.  In short, your child will study and sweat, while absorbing martial arts lessons that will stay with them into teenage years and beyond.

Little Ninjas: 3-4 years old

Kids Kickboxing: 5-10 years old

*Please note, some 3 year olds are not ready yet and some 4 and 5 year olds may be ready for Kids Kickboxing versus Little Ninjas, but we can determine that at their trial*

Would you like your child to grow up having:

  • THE CONFIDENCE to believe in themselves, even when no one else does.

  • THE CONCENTRATION to center their attention on what’s important.

  • THE SELF-DISCIPLINE to do the right thing without being told.

  • THE INTEGRITY to live by principles and stick to their word.

  • THE RESPECT to show kindness and courtesy to others.

  • THE SELF CONTROL to manage their anger, to keep their hands, feet, and mouth to themselves, even when scared, angry, or upset.

  • THE FOCUS to block out distractions in their life and concentrate on one thing at a time.

  • THE ABILITY TO SET GOALS, to decide what they want in advance and strategically work towards it.

  • THE PERSEVERANCE to keep going, even when school, work, marriage, or life gets hard.

  • THE POSITIVE ATTITUDE to think in terms of opportunity and possibility, not negativity or “not good enough.”

  • THE FITNESS to live a healthy, energetic life, free of the worries that come with bad exercise habits.

  • THE ABILITY TO DEFEND THEMSELVES if the situation ever presented itself - hopefully it never does!

In 360 Defense Martial Arts classes, your child will experience a cutting edge program that is continually refined using the latest in Child Psychology, Coaching, and Character Development. This means that the improvements your child makes will not be “happy byproducts”, but something intentionally "trained and ingrained", and used into adulthood.

Do Any of These Describe Your Child?

They are good kids but they just don't listen. I have to tell them to do something a hundred times before they actually do anything.

They're bright and smart, but they have issues focusing at home or in school. I've heard "ADD" mentioned to me a few times.

They are shy and lack confidence and self-esteem. I want them to live up to their potential and I don't want them to be bullied!


18 Ways 360 Defense Martial Arts of Middletown

Develops Great Kids:

1 - The Encouragement That Comes With A Positive Environment: Our classes attract quality people. It’s kind of weird, but not really a mystery that only nice people stick around this place. The parents who come to our Dojo are raving fans of their kids, but also of everyone else’s kids. It’s not uncommon for our entire seating section to burst into a round of applause for a child who got a good report card. Now THAT’S positive. If it truly “takes a village”, then THIS little school is a village.

2 - The Strong Reinforcement of Parental Involvement: One thing you’ll notice when you come into my Dojo is that we have a lot of chairs for spectators. There are martial arts classes out there that don’t want you to stay and watch classes because they think it’s distracting. However, here’s what I’ve found in 12 years of teaching: The kids who get the most out of our program also happen to have the parents who are most involved. This isn’t a coincidence. I encourage you to not just drop your child off, but to stay and be involved. Trust me, your child will notice how much attention you give their efforts in class, and they will LOVE YOU for it.

3 - The Structure of a Proven System: The 360 Defense Martial Arts program is mapped out, start to finish. The path from White Belt to Black Belt and beyond is designed to keep your child motivated and on track. They will understand that accomplishment comes from hard work and focus, both in and out of the Dojo.

4 - The Feeling of Praise & Recognition: Ever find yourself only noticing or acknowledging when your child messes up? At our Dojo, we LOOK for the good, and when we see it, we make it a big deal in front of everybody. The best (and some say only) way of creating a confident child is by building on their successes, no matter how small.

5 - Applicable Life Lessons: As I mentioned earlier, we take a proactive approach to teaching your child the things that are so important in life: Self-Control, Discipline, Concentration. These lessons are verbally taught in every class – and not only that, they are woven into everything we do. To truly own these character qualities, I believe that your child needs to experience them, not just be lectured on them.

6 - Teamwork Between Parents and Instructors: You’ll find that an alliance between you and someone your child “idolizes” (like a Martial Arts Instructor goes A LONG WAY. We have this cool “secret” method we use to keep your child on the right track, and it REALLY works.

7 - Accomplishment Through Positive Reinforcement: Ever hear that “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions”? At the heart of teaching is communication, and when we “catch” your child doing something right, we let them know about it. It’s all about positive attention.

8 - The Importance of Staying Fit: It’s crazy how big of a problem childhood obesity is in this country, never mind what happens when that obesity carries on into adulthood. Our classes are physical as well as mental. Your child will break a sweat in every class.

9 - Positive Friendship and Socializing: A lot of my students have told me their best friends have been their 360 Defense friends.  Beats wondering what kind of kids your children are hanging out with at school, right? And not only that, a lot of their parents have found great friends too.

10 - The Influence of Great Role Models: Kids are going to find role models no matter what. There’s Youtubers, TV and Movie Stars, etc. We’re not exactly dealing with the Cleavers anymore.  Martial arts role-models lead a healthy lifestyle by example.  Which role models are better for your child?

11 - BECOMING a Great Role Model: This is truly awesome. In martial arts classes, the longer your child trains, the higher their belt color goes. Everyone with a colored belt is required to be a role model for lower-ranked students. This means that your child will become a leader through experience, and understand the importance of setting a good example for others.

12 - A Sense of Challenge: Kickboxing is fun. It’s a lot of fun. But it’s serious too, and that’s perfect. Our program comes equipped with a series of obstacles and hard-won goals. As adults, we know that life doesn’t get easier after childhood, and sometimes it helps knowing that you have what it takes to tough it out and come out on top.

13 - The Motivation of A High Energy Environment: Everything is so fast now. Texting, email, internet, etc. Kids are used to having things “high speed.” In our classes, we keep things moving. There’s no time for boredom when your child is jumping, kicking, spinning, blocking, and punching, and learning.

14 - The Habit of Setting Goals: There was a Harvard study conducted in the 1950s, tracking incoming students and their goals, and then revisiting these same students 20 years later. They found that the 3% who actively kept, wrote down, and revised their goals were financially worth more than the 97% of their classmates who didn’t. Martial Arts is BASED on goals, both short term and long term, with specific action steps in between. Is this something you’d like to see your child learn at a young age? Do you wish you had learned it at a young age?

15 - The Confidence that comes with Self-Defense: There’s a certain attitude that comes with knowing you can handle yourself in almost any situation. Before, I mentioned that bullies have a built in “radar system” for detecting easy targets. When your child has the quiet understanding that he or she can handle whatever most bullies can “dish out”, they no longer show up on that radar and are almost “Bully Repellant.”

16 - A Sense of Accountability: This is cool. Did you know there is a very noticeable difference between Asian and Western school systems? Here in the West, it’s the teacher’s responsibility to make sure their students learn. In Asia, it’s the student’s responsibility. In other words, the teacher will show up to teach, but it’s up to you to learn and understand the material. In our karate classes, we’re right in the middle. We teach and coach each student, but we also leave a certain amount of responsibility on their shoulders, at any age. So not only will your child learn martial arts, they will learn how to proactively learn, and carry this work ethic along with them wherever they go.

17 - The Benefits of Healthy Competition: Don’t misread this: We’re not a Tournament School. Some martial arts schools want their students to compete in tournaments every weekend.  If you’re looking to have your six year old become the next karate star or cage sensation, we’re not the school for you. However, healthy competition is great, and we foster this type of spirit in every class. It’s one of the best ways to help your child perform at his or her best, until they are mature enough to understand that the true competition is with themselves. If you're interested in getting you're child involved with martial arts competition, email me and I'll refer you to a competition school.

18 - The Help of Parent Coaching Seminars: We're really proactive when it comes to teamwork. The best way to help your child succeed is to have a strategic support system to guide them. I hold regular Parent Coaching Seminars to teach parents how to make their "karate kid's" martial arts experience the best it can be. We cover "The Do's and Don't's of Being a Black Belt Parent," "The Green Belt Blues", and "The Black Belt Success System" as well as many other secrets to keeping your child on track in the Dojo and in life.

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